iDXSpot by David Anderson GM4JJJ

(formerly known as iCluster)

Macintosh (and Linux) DX-Cluster Telnet access made easy!

  • DX Spots announced by speech in phonetics (or plain).
  • Connect to the worldwide DX-Cluster via the Internet easily.
  • Calculates distance and bearing between Grid locators and sends Grid & distance.
  • Hot buttons to see DX-Spots on specific bands.
  • Both AR-Cluster and DX-Spider compatible
  • Show DX location on Map using MapQuest.
  • Editable Hot buttons.
  • OS X Toolbar.
  • Easy switching between favourite DX-Clusters.
  • Link to TRLOG via serial port

Formatted Spots
On VHF particularily it is useful if a DX-Spot gives both Grid Locators as well as the distance. If this is done in a consistent manner then analysis of radio propagation can be more easily carried out by both humans and computers. iDXSpot incorporates such consistent formatting of DX-Spots.

iDXSpot is Shareware - you can try it for free, once you purchase it, you will get free upgrades, support and a code to disable the reminder messages that will otherwise appear at regular intervals.
In order to let you try the software, the software is not feature disabled, however it will only run for a few minutes in each session.
You can purchase iDXSpot online on a secure server (all major credit cards and PayPal accepted).
Go to the iDXSpot Purchase Page

Download it!

New Universal Application for OS X only
Download iDXSpot X v1.2.6 for Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.6.x Universal Application - Intel or PPC

For those still running Classic

Download iDXSpot v1.2.3 for Mac OS 8/9 only

Introducing iDXCluster_linux
Download iDXSpot_Linux for Linux x86
iDXSpot for Linux/x86 requires GTK+ 2.0 or better. Depending on your distribution of Linux, you may already have this pre-installed. However, you can download and install the GTK+ 2.0 libraries from You may also find pre-built libraries from your Linux distributor's homepage

Please note that I no longer have a Linux system available for debugging so no support is possible for Linux users.

iCluster FAQ:
1.Where can I find a list of DX Clusters ?
For a list of clusters see:
2. When I start iDXSpot I get an error about a missing 'speechlib' and cannot continue.
This is because you do not have the Apple Speech Manager extension installed in your system. Install Apple's speech software for your system. This is fixed in the latest release of iDXSpot.
3. In the Preferences there are Wanted DX and Email tabs - what do these do?
These are planned features that are not yet implemented. You can send a test email , but cannot as yet get automatic emails when Wanted DX is spotted by iDXSpot.
4. How do I get the Voice to work in Linux?
Sound in Linux now works providing you have libsndfile installed. A symbolic link must exist in either /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib and point to the library file for example, note that if you installed libsndfile from an RPM rather from source, then you may not have the symbolic link, instead you may have which will not work unless it is changed to

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