For Sale

I will list some personal items that I have available for sale here from time to time.

  1. Spid RotatorRAS/BIG RAS High Resolution upgrade kit including MD-02 controller. New and unused.
  2. M-Audio M-Track QUAD 4 channel audio and midi USB interface suitable for use with LinkRF IQ+ SDR receiver. Like new.
  3. Icom PCR-1000 PC controlled receiver with the optional DSP Unit.
  4. RIG VHF Weather Satellite receiver model RX2.
  5. Homebuilt 28 to 144MHz transverter.
  6. HP PSC1410 All in one Printer Scanner Copier.
  7. Marconi Instruments Radio Telephone Test Set TF 2952

Please contact me directly for further information.

You can find my contact details on QRZ.COM.