For Sale

I will list some personal items that I have available for sale here from time to time.

  1. Spid Rotator RAS/BIG RAS High Resolution upgrade kit including MD-02 controller. New and unused. Cheapest price guaranteed. UPGRADE FOR Existing Spid Rotator.
  2. DG8 GM3SEK 144MHz Masthead Preamplifier complete kit.
  3. Icom PCR-1000 PC controlled receiver including the optional DSP Unit.
  4. SOLD - RIG VHF Weather Satellite receiver model RX2 - SOLD
  5. Homebuilt 28 to 144MHz transverter with G4DDK Suffolk 2m Receive Converter.
  6. ME2T-Pro transverter module. Basis for making very good 2m transverter. Has high stability 130 MHz LO module. 14 MHz IF - 144 MHz RF.
  7. I0JXX 2m 8 ele XPOL yagis (2 off). New in boxes.
  8. Elecraft PX3 panoramic adaptor for KX3.
  9. BNOS 144 MHz 100 Watt SSPA
  10. BNOS 50 MHZ 10-100 Watt SSPA with preamp
  11. BNOS 432 MHZ 3-100 Watts SSPA with preamp

Please contact me directly for further information.

You can find my contact details on QRZ.COM.