Amateur Radio Station - GM4JJJ

Contact Details:

Silent Key 14th March 2019.

Grid Locator IO86gb

QRV 144MHz terrestrial on SSB/CW/Data modes Tropo, Es, Aurora, Meteorscatter and even some EME at moonrise and set.


50 MHz 200 W Gemini 4 LDMOS PA 4 ele HB dual band Yagi

70 MHz 160 W Gemini 4 LDMOS PA 5 ele HB dual band Yagi

144MHz SSB/CW/FM Gemini 2 LDMOS PA 400 watts terrestrial, [EME 1kW], WAXX10S 10 ele PowAbeam yagi no elevation

432MHz SSB/CW/FM Italab 400 W LDMOS PA, 18 ele PowAbeam

10,368MHz SSB/CW/NBFM 3 Watts, 60cm dish - Sold gear QRT


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