GM4JJJ Software

I have written a few bits of software over the years for various computers ranging from my original Acorn Atom, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the Amstrad 6128, the Tandy CoCo, the Atari ST, the NEC PC-8201A laptop to the IBM PC and Apple Macintosh.

Most have been written purely for my own use and enjoyment, however a couple may be of interest to others.


Weather FAX display using a KantronicsTM KPC/KAM and AtariTM ST

This was actually a commercial success, which suprised me a little because I only imagined that a few people in the U.K. would have the same combination of hardware as I had! It was written in HiSoft's BASIC and then compiled.It was not until I discovered that no-one else had produced any WEFAX software for the Atari ST and Kantronics TNC that I decided to put it on the market. It is now shareware because although I still own the rights to it, I cannot support it since I no longer have either an Atari ST or a KAM.
No, ST-WEFAX will
not work with an AEA Packratt PK232 in case you were wondering.
Requires a
Kantronics KPC series TNC or Kantronics All Mode TNC (KAM) and a General Coverage SSB Radio Receiver to display black & white Weather Maps and Pictures sent over radio in the shortwave and longwave bands.

Meteosat FAX picture received on Longwave Radio with Kantronics KAM and Atari ST Computer

Note that this program will not decode APT pictures sent directly from Satellites as they use a different form of modulation to the FAX modes on H.F. Radio.
The program will work with any
Atari ST Computer and either a Hi Res or Medium Resolution Monitor.
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Version: 2.0s - 20/11/95 Shareware © Pack-Age Author: David Anderson, GM4JJJ