Installing MoonSked X on a Macintosh that is running Sierra or High Sierra

A bit of background to this -

The problem is that if I distribute a compressed zip file which contains a folder with my application and my text file within that same folder, then when it is uncompressed the Mac OS changes things so that the application cannot find the path to the text file in the folder because the path has been randomised. This is an Apple security feature and you cannot easily turn it off now.

So what I have to do is to distribute the software in 2 parts, just the application on its own as a zip file, and a zip compressed folder which has the text file within it.


Here are the two downloads that you need:

1. unzip the compressed MoonSked X Folder and MOVE the resulting folder to the Applications folder.

2. unzip the compressed MoonSked X application and importantly MOVE it to the MoonSked X folder in the Applications folder BEFORE running it.

3. Press the Control key, then click the MoonSked app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.

4. Click Open.

Note: Once MoonSked X is installed in this way, it will run normally by usual double clicking on the MoonSked Icon.

Now a Bonus

I have a later version of MoonSked X 1.6.5 which has never been publicly available. (The current public version is 1.6.4).

1.6.5 is cocoa rather than carbon, meaning that it is more suited to modern Mac operating systems, certain things work and look better.

You should just be able to unzip it and MOVE it to your MoonSked folder and do the same trick again.

One more important thing:

Go to Safari preferences under the Safari Menu at the top of the screen when in Safari

Then make sure that Open “safe" files after downloading is UNCHECKED, otherwise the method outlined above may not work.

David GM4JJJ 2018